​​Mistress Alexandria

Consultation/Pre-Scene Negotiations and Sessions are by appointment only and must be scheduled with advance notice. Same day appointments can not be accommodated due to the time and work needed for the behind the scenes preparations​. Visit the SessionsPage to schedule your appointment. You will be contacted the following business day to schedule your appointment. 

Mistress Alexandria

Scat Play

​Blood Play Or Exchange Of Bodily Fluids

​Perform In The Nude

​Illegal Activities (i.e. Prostitution, Children, Beastiality, Etc.)

​Please keep correspondence brief and to the point, back and forth chit chat will not be allowed in order to keep on track with previously scheduled sessions. 

Located in North Stonington, the Southeast corner of Connecticut on the Rhode Island border.

10 Minutes from Foxwoods

15 Minutes from  Mohegan Sun

1 Hour from Hartford, New Haven and Providence

Monday           10:00am - 7:00pm  
Tuesday          10:00am - 7:00pm 
Wednesday    10:00am - 7:00pm
Thursday         10:00am - 7:00pm
Friday              10:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday        Closed

Emails Answered Between     

Inquiries are reviewed  on the following business day.

I Do Not Disrupt My Sessions To Answer Or Reply To Inquiries And Applications.

​Do be courteous and polite.

​Do act with maturity.

Do act submissively.

Do not ask for or expect anything illegal. 

Do what she tells you to do and follow through.

​Do anticipate her needs.

Do respect her time.

​Do not take her for granted.

​Do be honest and forthcoming.

​Do be attentive to her wants and needs. 

​(Once negotiated and agreed) Do relinquish your control.

​Do understand each Domme has their own 'Protocol sets' and abide by them.

​Do  accept and respect her limits, preferred areas of play and boundaries.

​Do highlight her importance and down play your own.

​Do keep your appointments and arrive on time. (Not early. Not late.)

​Do keep correspondence professional, brief and to the point. Don't try to get free services with back and forth chit chat or asking questions like "What are you gong to do to me?". She will know you're 'Pornifying' yourself and will leave you high and dry without further contact.


I am accepting new submissive clients on a limited basis at this time.

Activities I Do Not Provide Or Do:

BDSM Power Exchange

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Professional Dominatrix

Long term clientele for sessions that evolve over time will be given the highest priority. 

Do take the time to learn how to approach a Domme to make your efforts a success.

My play style varies from sensual to sadistic with a wide variety of play activities accumulated through lifestyle interest and years of BDSM education.

Dungeon42 ® is a private BDSM play space in a safe, clean and convenient location.

A Casual Touch Entertainment

Est. 1995

DUNGEON42 ® Dominance

Dungeon  42  Dominance 

Professional Dominatrix


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