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​​Mistress Alexandria

I have been a business owner in the adult industry for more than 20 years and opened Dungeon 42 in the end of 2012.  I have been self-employed for much longer than this, beginning on the equestrian field, with management and with show competitions, long before adulthood.

I provide high quality Professional Domination sessions with the central focus being on the connection and chemistry within the D/s (Dominance and submission) dynamic.  I adhere to the ethical standards of safe, sane and consensual play. With that in mind, understand what I am not.

Mistress Alexandria

It was always a natural thing for me to take control, do what I need to do and direct others with what to do. Much responsibility comes with this and I have always earned the regard and respect for what I do. I will command the same of you.

These services, albeit have their rightful place, generally do not provide true domination or the D/s dynamic. Most are simply motivated by making top dollar by the end of the day and willing to cater, spur of the moment, to your wants and needs. That, in and of itself compromises the dynamic of Dominance and submission. As well as the lack of knowledge and skill in BDSM practices will compromise your safety at the very least.

Located in North Stonington, the Southeast corner of Connecticut on the Rhode Island border.

10 Minutes from Foxwoods

15 Minutes from  Mohegan Sun

1 Hour from Hartford, New Haven and Providence

I embrace the core values of BDSM. The foundation of which is built on honesty, trust, communication and respect. Genuine submissives understand this and know better than to ask a Dominant to serve them. It is viewed as selfish and self serving, not qualities of a submissive. I do not cater to inquiries of this nature and delete them in a matter of seconds. I view Protocols as a necessary component to the D/s dynamic and will not give a second glance to anyone that cannot respect them. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and the experiences I bring to my clients. I invest a lot of my time getting to know the individuals that come to me, getting into their minds and spend many hours behind the scenes bringing these creative experiences to life.

I am very serious about what I do, it doesn't behoove me to invest my time in someone that is disingenuous or insincere. Your ability to show good manners, etiquette, being able to follow my rules and procedures will be important factors for me in determining whether to meet with you.

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I am a Professional Dominatrix and live the lifestyle actively within the BDSM community. I am educated and skilled in the BDSM practices and continue to devote time to expand and further this knowledge.

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Dominance and submission

My decline or turn down ratio on average is approximately 19:1

I am not an escort. I am not a prostitute. I am not a fetish escort provider.

Dungeon42 ® is a private BDSM play space in a safe, clean and convenient location. Nestled in a rural area, offering privacy and includes an outdoor play space.

I am a naturally Dominant individual with a history of being very goal orientated, self-disciplined, competitive and driven to succeed by not allowing myself to fail. I am highly intelligent and have somewhat of a photographic memory. I took the Mensa pretest on a whim years after ending school to find out how much I would need to study and I passed without it being a challenge. I am not someone that can be conned, tricked or fooled. I call a spade a spade when I see it.

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