​​Mistress Alexandria

All C/PSN and sessions are by appointment only and must be scheduled with advance notice. Same day appointments can not be accommodated.

Mistress Alexandria

Scat Play

​Blood Play Or Exchange Of Bodily Fluids

​Perform In The Nude

​Illegal Activities (i.e. Prostitution, Children, Beastiality, Etc.)

​Please keep correspondence brief and to the point, back and forth chit chat will not be allowed.

Please send your general BDSM interest area's to mistress1alexandria@gmail.com and a Consultation/Pre-Scene Negotiations will be scheduled for you.

Located in North Stonington, the Southeast corner of Connecticut on the Rhode Island border.

10 Minutes from Foxwoods

15 Minutes from  Mohegan Sun

1 Hour from Hartford, New Haven and Providence

Monday           10:00am - 7:00pm  
Tuesday          10:00am - 7:00pm 
Wednesday    10:00am - 7:00pm
Thursday         10:00am - 7:00pm
Friday              10:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday        Closed

Emails Answered Between     

Inquiries are reviewed  on the following business day.

I Do Not Disrupt My Sessions To Answer Or Reply To Inquiries And Applications.

​Do be courteous and polite.

​Do act with maturity.

Do act submissively.

Do not ask for or expect anything illegal. 

Do what she tells you to do and follow through.

​Do anticipate her needs.

Do respect her time.

​Do not take her for granted.

​Do be honest and forthcoming.

​Do be attentive to her wants and needs. 

​(Once negotiated and agreed) Do relinquish your control.

​Do understand each Domme has their own 'Protocol sets' and abide by them.

​Do  accept and respect her limits, preferred areas of play and boundaries.

​Do highlight her importance and down play your own.

​Do keep your appointments and arrive on time. (Not early. Not late.)


I am accepting new submissive clients on a limited basis at this time.

Activities I Do Not Provide Or Do:

BDSM Power Exchange

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Professional Dominatrix

Long term clientele for sessions that evolve over time will be given the highest priority. 

Do take the time to learn how to approach a Domme to make your efforts a success.

My play style varies from sensual to sadistic with a wide variety of play activities accumulated through lifestyle interest and years of BDSM education.

Dungeon42 ® is a private BDSM play space in a safe, clean and convenient location.

A Casual Touch Entertainment

Est. 1995

DUNGEON42 ® Dominance

Professional Dominatrix

Dungeon  42  Dominance 


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